• Dave Lemmon

The Power of Brand

When you opened your dealership, some of the first decisions you made involved location and signage. This wasn't a hope that an "in market shopper" would be driving by in the midst of their decision making, but to build brand awareness to out of market shoppers who would see your lot and sign and begin to know who you were before they started shopping. This same idea needs to be an integral part of your digital strategy.

Dealers today spend tens of thousands on SEM, SEO, 3rd party sites, conquest email, and more all designed to reach a shopper the moment they identify as "in market". Without brand awareness, however, you are simply a price and a picture next to a dozen other prices and pictures. Creating a digital strategy that starts speaking to consumers when they are out of market changes that. Your price and picture is now viewed by someone who knows the "who", "what", "where", and "why" of your dealership and dramatically increases your chance of winning their business.

Larger independents and franchise dealers understand this, to a point, but often only rely on traditional media to accomplish their brand promotion and under-utilize the power of digital. Using social media content and social advertising is a fraction of the investment for a more targeted and, often, more engaged branding campaign. Consider adding a social campaign explaining who you are (years in business, family owned, etc.)...what you do (special financing, huge truck inventory, budget vehicles, etc.)...where you are (location, location, location) and why a consumer should choose to give you their business. Develop that awareness now so that when they finally are "in market" you have a distinct advantage over the price and picture next to you on that third party website.

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