• Dave Lemmon

Craigslist Just Got Better

As an agency focused on independent dealers, one of our channels that has a lot of value has always been Craigslist. It focuses on local, low funnel shoppers with direct reach at a low investment. With the most recent change, it should produce even better results.

Several years ago, Craigslist moved to a pay per ad format for auto dealers. The added $5.00 per post fee had a ton of initial impact, with ad counts plummeting as dealers who had traditionally spammed their inventory could no longer afford to. The FSBO (For Sale By Owner) section, however, remained free. This was a challenge, since the default results in Cars and Trucks for Sale included both dealer and owner listings:

Craigslist functions on visibility, your ad...as good as it is...only works if you get eyes on it. It is safe to assume that this change will impact FSBO ads the same way it did dealer ads years ago, significantly reducing their number. It will also eliminate the dealers who continued to avoid fees by posting under FSBO.

The value of your $5.00 Craigslist post is higher today than it was a month ago as you will have more eyes on your inventory and less competitive ads displayed. Contact us for more on Craigslist best practices or insights into the value of all the third party sites.

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