In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin

Revolve Digital is able to accomplish the goals for our dealers through a unique network of proven partners. By implementing a team who has crafted solutions unique to the independent dealer, we create a turnkey approach to marketing, lead management, digital presence, and customer retention.


Manning is a full service agency in New Jersey and a managing partner of Revolve. Unparalleled expertise in digital marketing, media buying, connected TV and more brings the power of a large scale advertising company to the clients of Revolve.

CarNow provides best in class engagement for shoppers with managed chat and more. Through a cost effective offering, they provide our dealers conversions of leads to appointments, and even help with what they need most...finding inventory for their store.


CarFilm uses video to engage shoppers and customers with powerful, thoughtful messaging. From walk-a-rounds to service to retention, using this app can increase conversions and make customers remember your dealership.

Sean Welsh has two decades working in the car business and has now devoted his time to helping dealers make sense of the dozens of dashboards and inscrutable analytics that come with them. He is an expert with data and making data based decisions for our dealers.


iRecon was created to help dealers with one of their most significant challenges; getting their inventory to market as quickly and effectively as possible. A solution that automates the reconditioning process helps our dealers get their inventory merchandised and available days faster.

Partners Andrew Street and Keith Turner parlayed their years of experience at Facebook to create an agency focused on social advertising for automotive. They have identified a series of campaigns targeting the full circle of a customer journey for independent dealers.


Reunion Marketing is one of the most data-driven providers in digital automotive. They are experts in SEO, search,and more, and use their results to create benchmarks assuring all their dealers are performing at the highest level possible. By combining this approach with a high level of customer service, their goal is to create record-breaking success for every dealer partner

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