Revolve Digital was formed to fill the void that independent dealers have struggled with for years. Solutions that aren't built with them in mind, lack of access to full service agency options, and generally being an overlooked and under-serviced industry. Revolve has created a turnkey, custom option to market, manage opportunities, and measure success that will change the face of an independent dealer immediately. Evolve to the next level of success.


The name wasn't chosen randomly or for a cool factor. Revolve references the revolution that is a customer's journey, from first contact to last purchase. We believe in a marketing plan that addresses each step in that circle. 

Dave Lemmon

Managing Partner

As an executive for AutoSweet, Dave has worked with over 300 independent dealers on their digital marketing needs, which allowed him to identify the need for a full service solution. Through Revolve, he is committed to solving real problems for his dealers every day.


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